Buckeye Brownie Cookies

The taste is phenomenal, but the process was quite messy! I have a tendency not to leave enough time for items to cool when a recipe calls for cooling, so I melted the chocolate and butter before I even made dinner (the plan was to make the cookies after dinner). By the time I made the cookies, the chocolate mix was a paste. I had to warm slightly to get it out of the saucepan. Then the dough was extremely thick and I actually forgot to add the rest of the chocolate chips, but I doubt they could have been stirred into the dough anyway. I had to roll the dough into balls instead of dropping by spoonfuls and I think I lost a significant portion to my hands because it was sticky. However, the cookies were lovely and round since I rolled them. We tried one after it had cooled somewhat, but the real treat was having one after they had been refrigerated. It’s like a brownie topped with peanut butter fudge. AMAZING! I’ve written myself some notes about how long to let the chocolate cool (not hot, but still pourable) prior to mixing the dough so hopefully next time it will be a little less messy.

Recipe >> Buckeye Brownie Cookies @ tastesoflizzyt.com

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