Knock You Naked Brownies

Knock you naked, indeed!
I’ve been making something very similar for years (sans powdered sugar) and they are most definitely a family favorite. If you do spoon the top layer on, it bakes out pretty smooth, but you get some caramel oozing out of the top – YUM!
My grandmother started making these when my mom was in college and she was the only one with the patience to unwrap all those caramels. I took over as the official brownie maker when I was in high school. Then, last year, my brother made some to take to a party at work. And, of course, he discovered that they now make melting caramels that **you don’t have to unwrap individually**. After 10 years of me unwrapping the stupid candy (the worst part of making these brownies) he makes them once and doesn’t even have to do it! So typical of my luck.

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